Colleague Of The Month Reflection

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Topic A
In the past I worked for a retail company. There was a lack of motivation in the shop. The manager approached this issue by running an Employee of the month programme. It left all employees bar one feeling neglected.
If I was the manager I would use what I have learnt about staff engagement in my organizing people and change module and let colleagues vote. I would call it Colleague of the Month instead. Therefore, there is no perception that management favours one individual. Colleagues are in control. Also this programme is very easy to organize and reaps great benefits at little cost.
If a more effective culture of recognition was established my employee experience would have been enhanced and I would have felt more encouraged to
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This area is managing change. As a manager I would adopt the Kotter approach.
Change will be constant in every organization I work in. Employees are the number one opponent of change. I will use the Kotter approach to deal with this effectively and in a responsible manner. If done correctly it will benefit the company and make the transition smooth.
John Kotter and Leonard Schlesinger designed the six change approach to minimize resistance and to manage change resistance.
1. Create Urgency
It helps if the whole company is behind the change. Therefore it is important to develop a sense of urgency around the need for change.
How I would do this:
• Highlight opportunities that could be exploited.
• Start honest discussions. Give convincing reasons for the change to people.
• Request support from stakeholders behind the change.

2. Form a Powerful Coalition
This will take strong leadership and support from key people within the organization. To lead the change a coalition of people whose power comes from a variety of departments in the organization needs to be formed. Your team then works together to build a sense of importance and drive around the need for
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There are many reasons why I would choose this model to help me deal with change in an organizations:
• It’s an easy step by step model to follow
• It does not focus on change itself. Instead it focuses on acceptance and preparedness for the change, which makes the changes easier for transition in the organizational culture.
• It acts as an Organizational development tool by providing three-dimensional linkage between individual employee, team and organization.
• It provides a platform to reveal the importance of the stakeholder, leadership, employees in the organizational level.
I believe that people are a major asset for any business organization because this model describes the importance of stakeholders, leadership and employees for the organization. That is the main reason why this model would suit me.
To conclude I will work hard to change and organization successfully. From this module topic I have learned that you need to plan carefully and build the proper foundation so that implementing change can be much easier and chances of success will be improved. If you are too impatient or if you expect too many results too quickly, your plans for change are more likely to
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