John Kotter's Change Model Analysis

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Strategic change is the process of implementing change in a controlled, thoughtful way in an attempt to meet organizational aims, goals, objectives, and targets. Change is a requirement for the organization to continue to prosper and meet and surpass the challenge of industry competitors.

There are a number of models for managing the change process. One of those models that is particularly well-known and beneficial in gaining an insight into strategic change management is John Kotter 's Change Model.

The first model I will discuss is and John Kotter 's Change Model. Kotter (1995) summarized what he viewed as the crucial 8 step process for successful organizational change.
There are some similarities which can be seen in other change models
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Planning for and creating short term wins
Planning for visible performance improvement Within a short period of time, this could be a month or a year, depending on the length of change process, the team leaders should set out "quick wins" or short term goals or targets that all team members can see. Without this, critics and negative thinkers within the group might hamper your progress.

Establish short-term goals and aims as part of your long-term vision. You want each smaller target to be achievable, with a small chance of failure. The change group may have to work harder to reach these targets, but each "win" that the team fulfills can further motivate the entire group.

7. Consolidating improvements and producing still more change
Kotter argues that many change processes fail because the group believe that victory is achieved before it actually has been. Complete change runs deep. Quick wins are only ways of motivating staff and the start of what needs to be carried out to fulfill long-term change.
The organization must begin using increased reliability on change systems, structures and policies that don’t fit the vision. The hiring of new employees, promoting and developing existing employees that the leaders believe can implement the

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