Kounin Mode Theory In Classroom Management

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First,Elearn Portal,(2016) post the Kounin Mode theory of Jacob Kounin. He is recognized for two studies concerning classroom management in the 1970’s (Jacob Kounin. ) . it emphasized how teachers could manage students, lessons and classrooms to reduce the incidence of bad behaviour. This theorist acknowledged definite teaching techniques that help, and hinder, classroom discipline (Mode theory of Jacob Kounin) . Bestowing to Kounin, the method used, not the teacher’s personality, is the most crucial aspect in classroom management of student behaviour. The title of his book is Discipline and Group Management in Classrooms which centres on preventive discipline. He says that, good classroom management depends on operative lesson management.…show more content…
This approach to classroom management creates a safe space to learn, as mainly it is their space. Also, in this theory Assertive Discipline ,Lee& Marlene(1976),states that rules and behaviour expectations must be clearly stated and enforced. Teachers are never to threaten students, but to promise fair consequences for improper behaviour. For this model to work, the teacher must use a firm voice and constant eye contact. This model places responsibility for bad student conduct on the teacher. (Miss Parcell…show more content…
He called this need to belong the genuine goal of human social behaviour. Dreikurs believed that when learners are not able to gain their genuine goal of belonging they turn to a series of mistaken goals. Mistaken goals are defined as attention, power, revenge and inadequacy. This is when students misbehave. (Key Theories on Classroom Management,n.d)
B F Skinner(1954), relied on the statement that the best way to modify behaviour was to modify the environment. He was a proponent for many instructional strategies that modern day "progressive” educational reformers advocate for: scaffold instruction, small units, repetition and review of instructions, and immediate feedback. Skinner did not approve of the use of punishments in school, or as a behavioural modification technique in general. He posits that punishments were ineffective and he advocated for the frequent use of reinforcement (i.e. rewards) to modify and influence student

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