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Korean Pop, also known as K-Pop, is a genre of music originated from South Korea. K-Pop is known for its idols, who tend to be very beautiful and talented, the vibrant colors and use of unique concepts. There are also many K-Pop groups with a range of 2 to 24 people in a groups. Most K-Pop groups have very strong fan bases due to their fan service, and abilities to speak multiple languages, this gives them the ability to connect with international fans making it popular outside of South Korea. One of the more popular groups would have to be SHINee. This 5 member group came up in 2008, with their debut single “Replay”. This song jump started their career due to the cute, and charming concept, 90’s vibe, and vivacious dance moves. It is because…show more content…
Some concepts include a cute, cool, sexy, or weird. In the video “Replay”, SHINee used the cool and charming concepts. The charming concept can be seen in this the video, because the video revolves around the boys trying to impress an older girl and getting her attention. This can also be heard in the lyrics “Noonan neomu yeppeo”. Though the lyrics are in korean they are translate to mean “Noona you’re so pretty”, noona being the Korean word a male would use to address an older female. The cool concept comes later in the video during the dance break. In this part of the video the groups lead dancer Taemin, effortlessly, and flawlessly, dos intricate dance moves with great confidence setting the mood for the rest of the…show more content…
When I first watched “Replay”on Youtube, I remembered falling in love with the sound and the boys themselves. They gave off so much stage presence and positive energy that I couldn’t deny their music and efforts, even being eight years old at the time. I also remember looking them up to see what language it was in, if there were more songs, because they impacted me that much at such a young age. I felt a connection to the vibe and the dancing as well, so it was easy for me to appreciate the song and become a fan. SHINee was able to keep me wanting more music, and more videos from them. And even going back and watching the video other times, I still can feel the connection and love now that I did when I first watched the video in 2008. I even reached out to others, like my friend Yanni, who knows of SHINee, and their work to see if my reaction to the song could have been an overreaction. However, when I asked Yanni about how she felt when she first watched the “Replay” video and she said, “ I thought it was flawless! My eyes lit up every time I saw another member, and Taemin’s dancing was beyond compare! Honestly everyone should stan

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