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Personal objectives a. To adapt with the professional and multicultural working environment in The Kraft Heinz Company (KHC) b. To understand and adapt with the Global Affiliate Trade (GAT) culture and process c. To support GAT department in achieving MBO, specifically policy compliance What competencies have I worked on this month? a. Business Process and Change Management b. Business Communication How have I worked on these competencies (By doing …)? a. Business Process and Change Management S: My main responsibilities would focus on the policy compliance by both Import Affiliate and Export Affiliate in placing orders. T: Before doing the tasks, I was given and read the GAT policy as the guideline. My colleague also explain the policy…show more content…
Therefore, I contacted the Import Affiliate and sent the proof of the import tracker and PO Document for clarification. After received the clarification, I contacted the Export Affiliate to match their response if needed. For example, I contacted Korea as the Import Affiliate to clarify the difference between the order quantity between the Korea and North America as the Export Affiliate. Korea team clarified that the orders were cut due to the shelf life. Since, Korea’s response matched with the North America, R: In this month, I managed to find and reduce the mismatches in January and February significantly compared in the first day. R: Business communication is essential, especially since miscommunication can bring a serious issue. In this case, it can affect the performance of the supply chain such as quantity and lead time. Often, the Affiliates change their orders due to numerous reasons, for example request from the customer, insufficient supply, lack of capacity, etc. Therefore, it is important for GAT, as the middle-man, to keep updated of the both Affiliates activities. However, there are still some of the Affiliates that are not very cooperating well with the GAT team. Describe the progress of your…show more content…
Moreover, the project in the GAT department in the complex one and I still need to learn from the beginning. I am learning the example of the business cases and the milestones to complete the business case. Once I got a big picture about the projects in the GAT, I discussed with my supervisor to build a new idea or to support an existing business case. During my discussion, the focus of the project would my optimizing current sourcing of KHC product category, such as combining the production in one internal factory or external factory. The purpose of the project is to leverage the number of volumes in order to achieve economic of scale in the internal production or to gain more power to receive better price in hiring a co-packer. Therefore, the research topic would be,” How sourcing optimization can help GAT team to achieve potential cost savings?” Planning for the following month (activities, tasks and skills you would like to work on): a. Fixed the topic for placement report b. Learn the process about New Trade Request Form (NTRF) c. Be more involved in addressing the operational issues d. Get more exposure in dealing with the business

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