Kraken In Beowulf

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The Guardian of the Sea
Long ago when the world was new, it infested with unholy monsters and creatures that even the gods have trouble controlling. One of the most fearsome monsters that ever lived was the Kraken, an immortal beast of gigantic proportions with seven immense tentacles, a beak the size of three whales, dark scaly skin that only weapons of the gods could puncture, two giant eyes that were the size of ships, and a head larger than even a small island . Even the mightiest of ships were capsized from the great waves that the monstrous beast created with it’s movement. Finally the king of the vikings, King Adelmar had enough. He had tried three times to summon the gods and request their help to quell the Kraken but the gods never
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Then the gods granted Calder three gifts of magical items. Freja conjured a magical amulet of wind that would protect the wearer from all the creatures of the deep. Halvor created a set of armour from metals and ores hidden in his container. The helm granted the wearer the ability to breath underwater, the chest piece granted strength that only gods and monsters could muster, the leggings gave the wearer the ability to swim like a serpent and finally the boots allowed the wearer to walk on water. Finally Fiske gave Calder his father Seager the Spear of the Sea’s spear which was now blessed and enchanted with the ability to puncture through anything. Armed with new weapons, armour and items Calder crafted his longboat one more time and with the blessing of the gods the sea retracted and the storm calmed down allowing Calder to reach open water where it began again. For three days Calder drifted in his longboat until he finally reached the eye of the storm where the Kraken dwelled. The waves rose higher and higher the closer Calder’s longboat got to the beast. Finally the beast rose from the waters showing all of its monstrous form. It’s glaring dark red and orange eyes glared into Calder soul but with Freja’s blessed amulet none of this affected Calder. He only felt the need for revenge now. The Kraken lashed upon the ship with its tendrils sending the longboat exploding in splinters of wood. Calder climbed the appendages of the Kraken to reach its enormous scaly head. The Kraken thrown into a frenzy began to create larger and bigger waves creating the largest hurricane that ever existed. One. Two. Three. Three jabs, with his father’s spear Calder punctured the head of the Kraken three times causing the monster to writhe and reel in pain. With the battle going in Calder’s favour the beast slumped over and dispersed into the oceans of the world. With
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