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Treatment for Kratom Addiction Some individuals fear that having a normal life in the future would no longer mean being healthy individuals. But rather, with the increased use of illicit substances, many individuals would soon be developing various medical disorders which include psychological disturbances as being the most common medical issue. The government has never ceased with their fight against drugs. But despite all the efforts, still, there are so many clandestine laboratories scattered in different parts of the country that continuously manufacture these illicit substances. Drugs do not only destroy the health of whoever uses them, but it has also been one of the causes of violent crimes in the United States and between the borders…show more content…
It acts both as a stimulant and a narcotic. Dried kratom leaves are commonly chewed by workers in Thailand as their means to help them endure all of the day’s work. It enhances their mood thereby, they do not face any difficulties in having to do their routine jobs. Kratom Meets the West-end World Kratom has become popular even outside of Thailand and other nearby Asian countries. Most people who use kratom have taken it as their natural or organic means of getting over the addiction from prescription medications and has also been used as an adjunct treatment for substance abuse withdrawals. Nowadays, kratom has been widely used therapeutically for personal health care management or recreationally for its euphoric effects. There are various kratom strains commercially available and each kratom strain possesses a unique characteristic. The effect of kratom to the body may depend on the quantity of kratom taken. At high doses similar to the effects of morphine, it produces it produces the following signs and symptoms: • Constipation. • Cough suppression. • Dysphoria. • Euphoria. • Itching. • Nausea. • Reduced pain. •…show more content…
Being a natural substance, individuals who may have been suffering from chronic pain and have been taking opioids may have developed a form of dependence to the drug. To be on the safe side, these individuals have chosen to use kratom to relieve them from their pain. Kratom as Treatment for Opiate Addiction Those who used kratom may either be opiate dependents or those individuals who are under opiate medication but somehow has developed a dependence on the drug. Believing that kratom use poses lesser health risks than using other medications to treat addiction, kratom has become the drug of choice for some individuals. However, since kratom may not be among the commonly prescribed alternatives by doctors to treat opiate addiction, some individuals may have decided in doing self-medication in the hope that they can be dealing with a much safer substance and that they can completely turn away from taking opioids. Kratom Addiction Long-term kratom use can lead to lead to constipation, dry mouth, frequent urination, skin discoloration on the face, insomnia, and weight loss. It is also common that individuals with kratom addiction may exhibit anxiety, tremors, nausea, and sedation. Additionally, more harmful physical effects can be experienced when kratom is used in combination with other

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