Krebs Cycle And Glycolysis Comparison

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Both Krebs cycle and glycolysis are a part of the carbohydrate breakdown. One of the main differences between the Krebs cycle and glycolysis is what they breakdown. Glycolysis breaks glucose into pyruvate. Krebs cycle breaks pyruvate into Acetyl Coenzyme A. When glycolysis breaks glucose (a 6 carbon molecule), it becomes pyruvate (2 molecules) and NADH (2 molecules). The Krebs cycle breaks the pyruvate from the glycolysis which becomes ATP. Another difference is how many ATP they each produce. Glycolysis produces 2 ATP and the Krebs cycle makes about 36 to 38 ATP. Energy metabolism is regulated by long chain fatty acids and ADP. Calcium, ADP, and NAD+ are activators. Things that inhibit energy metabolism are ATP and NADH. Other limiters are

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