Krill Oil Research Paper

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- Krill Oil has the right balance of Omega 3 and 6.

- Krill Oil will balance out too much Omega 6, remember processed commercial dog foods have too much Omega 6, making it unbalanced.


Well, this is what I did with my Rottie------

One Capsule of Krill Oil contains 1gram (1000mg)

6 weeks 4- 6kg X gram (250mg) give about 3 drops

3 months 8kg 1 '2 gram (SOOmg) give about 6 drops

Smonths 15kg 1gram (1000mg) 1full Capsule.

11 '2 years 31kg 1gram (1000mg) 1full Capsule

40kg+over 2 grams (2000mg) 2 Capsules

I use Nature 's Own Ultra Krill Oil.

Now to get the drops out of the capsule without making a mess, here is what to do.

Grab yourself a clean screw. You use the screw to make a hole at
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Nature 's Own Krill Oil is preserved with D Alpha Tocopherols, which is natural VE!

How do I know this? Because I have phoned the company and asked them.

Now on most processed commercial dog food ingredient lists, you will read:- "Preserved with mixtocopherols source of VE"


Ok, what if you own a small to medium breed of dog? You don 't want to be throwing away valuable Krill Oil, and remember your dog needs Omega 3 and 6 every day in their diet.

Don 't panic my friend, there is another option.

You can use "Flaxseed" also known as Linseed. Flaxseed is rich in both Omega 3 and 6.

It 's best to use ground Flaxseeds, because whole seeds can pass straight out, also ground Flaxseeds give better nutrient absorption.

Ground Flaxseeds should be put into an airtight container and kept in the fridge. Why? Because once ground oxidation can occur. By keeping in an airtight container, and in the fridge, ground Flaxseeds can be stored safely for 6 months!

,From pup to 10kg.

For Example: - X teaspoon everyday

Yorkshire Terrier

Silky Terrier

Jack Russell

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(Beta-carotene is a phytonutrient, but more on phytonutrients later.)

VE- Powerful Anti-oxidant, protecting cell membranes. Copper



All Anti-oxidant minerals, and help with anti-oxidant defences.

A healthy diet rich in anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals, helps to stabilize free radicals, thus helping to prevent diseases like cancer.

The very food (Processed Commercial Dog Food} your feeding your dog, the food vet clinics and dog food companies promote as being nutritious, is the very thing that is producing-

Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity, Bloat, Urinary Tract Disease, Kidney Disease, Dental problems, Digestive problems, Weak immune system your dog overtime!

Other nutrients with anti-oxidants: -


Is vital for your dog 's health, as it functions as an anti-oxidant.
Dogs can produce Taurine, only if fed enough quality animal protein. It protects cells against oxidative stress or damage. Think of Rust, and helps cell membranes to be stable. Taurine also helps to keep your dogs: -
* Kidneys Healthy

* Heart Health

* Healthy eyes

* Improved energy levels

* Brain

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