Kris Gunnar Diet Analysis

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One could easily supposed that a diet rich in meat and other animal products is the best diet to follow because it can improve brain health. According to Kris Gunnars, “This remarkable organ has evolved over millions of years. During this time, humans were omnivores. We ate both meat and plants.There are many nutrients in these foods that are absolutely critical for the proper function of this very delicate system” (5 Brain Nutrients Found Only in Meat, Fish and Eggs, par. 1). In other words, Gunnars is exclaiming that the brain functions the best when meat and dairy is consumed and this is due to the nutrients found within them. The brain is the most complex organ in the body, and with this it consumes the most energy. To supply it with the energy it needs, Gunnars believes…show more content…
The most important organ in the body, the brain, is critical to the daily life and if it becomes damaged, aged or can no longer perform, life is a difficult and hard task. In a vegan diet, these nutrients are not always consumed because of the switch in diet foods and absence of animal products. While this position is popular, it is impractical. A vegan diet is the best diet to follow for anybody and everybody no matter what. It helps with bone density, organ health, nutrition and also keeping the body together. Many will state that meat gives them energy, meat allows the body to feel more full, or that it makes them feel good but the long term effects are negative. Animal products are full of toxins and animal bi-products that have harmful effects on the bones and overall body health. Eating healthy food also allows for a better self-esteem because when a person eats good, they feel good and become more productive. Many times, when a person eats meat and animal products they begin feel groggy after a while, less motivated and too full to
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