Krista Mclean's Letter To Stonewall School

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It was a normal day for most of the students at stonewall academy, however, Krista McLean was certainly not one of them. A letter had been delivered to her and several other students houses in the weeks prior. It was a letter of the unusual sort, with talk of wizardry, and wands, and owls.

Krista had dismissed it as a joke that one of her friends had, as magic didn 't exist, and there certainly wasn 't a school named Hogwarts that would be waiting for several Stonewall students as they arrived on September 1st. But, through an insane turn of events, there she was, stepping off of a scarlet train and looking around. A tingling sensation had filled the air and cold air filled Krista 's lungs.

It 's truly amazing, Krista
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Shoving her way through the students, Krista reached Kaitlyn and together they found their way to the silver carriages that would take them to the school.

Kaitlyn glanced over at her friend, "I know they like, explained the whole magic thing already, but it 's a bit unnerving being in a carriage that seems to be driven by nothing at all." And she was right, the carriage was tacked up with all the gear that a horse would require to pull the carriage, except it seemed that there was nothing there.

But a small girl, who must be a student at Hogwarts because Krista did not recognize her, had a different opinion on the matter, "Well of course there is something drawing the carriage, you just can 't see them. They 're called Thestrals; only people who 've seen death can see them."

It wasn 't just the two muggles on the carriage who had thought this was strange, as there was another girl who looked to be about the same age with flaming red hair which fell around her shoulders. She leaned over to Krista and whispered, "Don 't mind Luna; she 's a bit strange. That girls always talking nonsense."

Krista nodded in response, it was reassuring that not all of the witches and wizards they were going to be spending the year with were completely off
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