Kristallnacht: The Night Of Broken Glass

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Kristallnacht Kristallnacht一 often known as the “night of broken glass”, or the “Night of Crystal”, is an extremely important event that occurred during the Holocaust. This took place all over Germany, and somewhat into Austria. Eventuating on November 9th and 10th, 1938, the tragic night was the turning point of the Holocaust. This night marked the change from peaceful protests, to violent riots. The significance of Kristallnacht changed the connotation of the Holocaust from sad, to devastating. How Kristallnacht Came to be The night of broken glass, also known as Kristallnacht, left the streets empty, and filled with bits of glass. Expanding into Austria, and taking all of Germany, the night took down so many jewish-owned businesses. It recklessly burned hundreds of synagogues to the ground.This “wave of violence” also occurred in areas of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia, which German troops occurred (Kristallnacht).The tragedy that took place on November 9th and 10th, 1938 included violence that should never have to be seen again.As stated in the article, this “wave of violence” or ocean of war…show more content…
In result of the mournful event, many people, especially Jews, did not want to take the disrespect anymore. To do this, many people would commit suicide. After the violence occurred people wanted to escape or forget about the terrible night. For instance, a Kristallnacht research site states “Jewish youngsters, like their parents, were totally segregated in Germany. In despair, many Jewish adults committed suicide. Most families tried desperately to leave”(Night of Broken Glass). Families were discontinued after this night because many felt the need to all commit suicide together. They felt so badly that they would end their lives together. The so called “night of broken glass” had a large effect on people's emotions and had a huge impact on upcoming Holocaust
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