Kristan Higgins's Book 'The Best Man'

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Kristan Higgins is the best selling author of several novels, including the “Blue Heron” series. The books in the series are connected because of the Blue Heron winery, located in Manningsport, New York, that the Holland family owns. Three of the books are centered around a single member of the Holland family- Faith, Honor, and Jack, the other two entries are focused on twins Connor and Colleen O 'Rourke. All five are unmarried at the beginning of their respective books.

“The Best Man” was the first book released in the series and was released in early 2013. This book is centered around Faith Holland who lives in a small town, Manningsport, New York, with a population of 715. Three years ago, Faith Holland was left at the altar by her fiance,
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“The Perfect Match” was the first sequel in the series and came out in late 2013. Faith 's sister, Honor Holland takes center stage in this book. She has been so obsessed with working and trying to make the family business even bigger, that she has not started a family herself. Honor is now 35 and her doctor has informed her that if she wants kids, she better get started on it quickly, time is wasting. She tries to propose to the man she hooks up with sometimes, but he turns her down. After going on a bunch of dates with a bunch of random guys, she ends up meeting a British man named Tom Barlow, who needs a green card to stay in the country to continue his teaching career and to keep the child, named Charlie, that he has been raising since the boy 's mom (Tom 's fiance) died. They agree to get married out of convenience, she wants to get back at the man who turned down her marriage proposal too. But once they live together for awhile, they find that they actually have real feelings for one another that is more than just the sham they were putting on to fool the government to allow Tom to stay in the country and to make Honor 's…show more content…
This series differs greatly from most novel series in that most focus on one character throughout the series. However, this one changes protagonists every book. Sometimes the protagonist of one book will return to cameo in another book. In both books, you get to see Honor and Faith 's dad 's attempt at dating and hear their grandparents continue to bicker with one another..

In addition to the “Blue Heron” series, Kristan Higgins has also written eleven other novels. She writes in the contemporary romance genre. She has also gotten two RITA awards for "Catch of the Day" and "Too Good To Be True" in 2008 and 2010. Higgins has also gotten four nominations for the best work of fiction for the year from The Kirkus Prize. She has read her favorite book “Gone with the Wind” about fourteen times. She is also married to a firefighter and lives with their two kids in a small town located in Connecticut. That features a great library and an ice cream stand that rocks, with
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