Kristina And Pobel Poem Analysis

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It all started in 1942. Guns were firing and people were screaming. Blood was squirting from one place to another and the only thing the Jews could do was hide before it was too late. Kristina and Pobel were craving to be free and live life not on the run. The only way to freedom was at the death camp. They were steered just because they were Jews. And World War ll was the most devastating place for them during that time. Six and a half million of the Jews and people were killed and the only thing they both wanted to be was free. Kristina and Pobel had lived in the sewers for as long as they can remember but Pobel was killed and Kristina escpaed the sewers and made it out of decease camp. In these two pieces of writing there are many similarities. Both of these poems are written about Jews who just wanted to be free. In the poem there were many people in death camp and all the people were . But then there was that just one single butterfly that was free and could go…show more content…
For example one of these pieces of writings is a poem which is the Butterfly poem and the other writing is based on a true story. Also the butterfly poem is about being trapped behind bars and wondering what it would be like to be free. But Kristinas story is based on them being in a sewer trying to break free and escape without being caught and sent to the death camp. Another difference is Kristinas story is with 20 other people and they were worried and scared but not being tormented. When in the butterfly story it is about a lonely person in death camp being tortured to death. In conclusion that was a devastating time for Jews and they were probably scared to death. But both of these writing pieces have similarity and differences comparing and contrasting each other. In Kristinas and Pobbles story they tried to leave and be free but they were in the sewer when in The butterfly Poem they were already trapped but wanted to be free
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