Kristina's Drug Addiction

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Everyone has gone through a phase where they are addicted to something. Whether it is good or not, people have been through this. In this novel, it speaks of an addiction that’s very common in the U.S., which is Drug Addiction. The main character in this book suffered with this. Kristina, the main character, wasn’t the type of child that would ever be sucked into that. She was a gifted student, very quite and never got in trouble, but of course someone swoops in and changes everything around which makes her get into this addiction. Drug addiction is very serious. Many teens suffer with this and don’t know how to escape from it. It’s easier to fall into it, than get out of it. The main cause of these teens getting into this addiction would…show more content…
Drug abuse is the leading cause of death or injury in car crashes or suicides. This substance abuse can increase the risk of pregnancy and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections), including HIV because of unprotected sex (Health wise Staff). Some teens actually make their own drugs sometimes, which are even worse because the drugs could contain bacteria, dangerous chemicals, and other unsafe substances. To prevent these situations parents should talk to their child about alcohol and drug abuse and how it affects you; keep that child involved in extracurricular activities, make sure they’re following your rules for them, let your teen know that you’re here for them and get to know your child’s friends. Crank is written by Ellen Hopkins, this novel is about a gifted student who gets addicted to this drug with the street name “crank”, but medically called Methamphetamine, which is treated for patients who suffer with ADHD and usually helps with weight loss in obese patients. She goes through many things, which are the consequences of her taking this drug. At a point in this period she finds out that she’s pregnant by a man who actually raped her. Through everything that she went through she struggles with trying to break through this
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