Krogstad Character Analysis

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The repercussions of Krogstad 's values and actions not only had an effect on his own life, but the lives of those who surrounded him; particularly Nora. His treatment of Nora was morally wrong and was the start of great change in her life. During their first meeting, Nora was terrified of Krogstad and the turmoil that he could potentially bring into her life. With the blackmail attempt, Krogstad had Nora cornered between two equally difficult situations. Either she could convince her husband Torvald to let Krogstad keep his job, which was a nearly impossible feat, or she could let Torvald learn the truth. With the position she was put in, she was almost forced to tell her husband the truth about her actions, a situation she greatly feared,…show more content…
In a way, Nora and Krogstad 's stories mirrored each other as the story progressed and they are not as different as they initially appear to be. They are both guilty of the same crime, forgery, and fear how the repercussions of their crime will affect their lives in the future. Even though Krogstad is part of the cause of Nora 's troubles they understand each other on a deeper level due to the similarities in their stories. Through his actions, Krogstad passed on a lot of the emotions that he was feeling to Nora. At the time of their first meeting in the story, Krogstad had been forced into a place of emotional turmoil and was afraid of being pushed back down into the place he worked so hard to get out of. As a result of his emotions, Nora becomes depressed due the situation Krogstad cornered her into and was terrified that the secret she worked so hard to conceal was about to be let out into the open. Moving forward to their second meeting, Krogstad was desperate to find a way to keep his job while Nora was desperate to keep her secret. By the end, though they do not meet again, their stories still reach similar conclusions. Both characters are "freed" from their respective situations. Krogstad is freed from his search to be accepted by someone and has learned to not let the opinions of others negatively affect his life. In contrast, Nora was freed from her secret and from her husband. She was no longer under his control and moved forward to live a life where the only person she had to please was
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