Krosoczka's Speech 'Why Lunch Ladies Are Heroes'

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Making a Difference In July 2014, Jarrett J. Krosoczka gave a speech titled “Why Lunch Ladies are Heroes,” during which, he talks about thanking school lunch staffs. He tells the audience how they often feel unappreciated and unimportant. This speech was given at a ted conference to many entrepreneurs and adults. Even though many in the room were older, he aims to reach all audiences. His main goal is to encourage people of all ages to acknowledge their lunch staff. Krosoczka shows the importance of thanking school lunch staffs for their hard unnoticed work by awakening their emotions and keeping a strong, affective attitude. In his speech, Krosoczka appeals to the listener’s emotions by sharing his own touching experiences. He wanted to inspire people about their lunch ladies in order to draw attention to their hard work. He talks about his particular lunch lady and how he…show more content…
He arranged his thoughts and ideas in a certain order; he started with a personal story, and then he grew more broad as the speech continued. This gives attention to how lending a hand can grow and make a difference. It is a chain of events that he parallels in his writing. The pacing of the speech flowed smoothly and was set in a deliberate manner. He also highlighted the important parts of his speech by strategic sentence structure. Many sentences fall at medium length, however, occasionally he would incorporate a simple sentence in order to draw attention to them. One example of this is when he says, “I hope that you don’t wait for School Lunch Hero Day to say thank you to your lunch staff, and I hope that you remember how powerful a thank you can be. A thank you can change a life” (Krosoczka 2). The short sentence after the longer one allows the listener to grab the gist of what he is saying and take in the most important

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