Kryptonite By Three Doors Down: Song Analysis

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The song that brings back memories to me is Kryptonite by Three Doors Down. This song makes me remember a time when I was with all of my friends at one of their houses. The song reminds me of the memory because we were all there and enjoying ourselves and everyone was having fun. The memory and the song connect because of the lyrics saying they were infinite and invincible and nothing could stop, weaken, or discourage them but Kryptonite. When I hear that song the memory instantly rises like a wave, soaring above all other thoughts. The song brings back the energy I felt with my friends, the way we enjoyed ourselves doing the idiotic things. The memory is obviously a good one and when it pops up I have to smile at it, for everything happy deserves a smile. The memory itself was when we were playing “Ghost in the Graveyard” and my friends and I were having a grand time as we went camping as well. The song itself reminds me of how we weren’t worried about anything, none of the cuts or bruises we had.…show more content…
We slept until the first one rose from his sleep, at nine and then we started scaring people and drawling on them for entertainment. When we all woke up we started to play more games and watch movies and hang out and being a bunch of guys we were starving so we ate food and hung out. At that point we started going home and saying goodbye. In conclusion the song and memory are connected in my brain because they both make me feel the same and have the same thoughts and feelings. The song is my way to relive it and remember the past when I was enjoying myself with my friends. The memory is one of my favorites and I will always remember that memory. They connect in my brain as a good time and I enjoy both the song and the memory. We all ended the day on good terms and a happy smile just like the song so they connected my memory with the

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