Krysmalski Case Summary

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In Krysmalski by Krysmalski v. Tarasovich, a woman was deemed close enough by the Court to satisfy the witness element when she was located inside a grocery store when a car in the grocery store’s parking lot hit her children. 622 A.2d 127, 301 (Pa. Super. Ct. 1993). The distance was not specified, and the mother was still inside the store when her children were hit. This will provide support for Ms. Nordlund’s proximity to the accident, as the distance can be measured and should be deemed close enough for this element to be satisfied. Additionally, she and the victim were both outside when the accident occurred, as opposed to the mother in Krysmalski. R9. Mazzagatti v. Everingham by Everingham provides Ms. Nordlund with the strongest

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