Krystal Weedon Character Analysis

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Moral responsibility to many people holds a clear, cut, undeniable and unchangeable meaning. Humans have a moral responsibility and duty to do the right thing, care for others and put their needs aside if they must focus on a greater task. Unfortunately, we live in a world where seeing life through a moral lens becomes challenging forcing people to do unkind, unforgiving and careless acts. In The Casual Vacancy written by J.K Rowling, we are introduced to a little town, Pagford, whose people struggle to follow their moral responsibility and act out in selfish, harming manners after the death of Pagford Parish Councilor Barry Fairbrother. Each character possesses their own storyline allowing readers to make certain judgments and speculations…show more content…
Krystal Weedon unfortunately lived a plagued life from her birth all the way up to her tragic, suicidal death. Raised by a heroin-addicted mother who performed sexual favors in order to get high, left Krystal unable to understand how to value herself causing her moral compass to remain broken. Bullying, promiscuity, a lack of determination, and rebelling against others consumed Krystal 's life forcing her to live in an unmoral way not knowing from right or wrong. "Krystal had once hit Lexie Mollison so hard in the face that she had knocked out two of her teeth" (pg 58). Due to the lack of structure and discipline from her mother, Krystal found herself reacting violently on numerous different occasions. “Krystal slapped Terri across the face. Terri told her to fuck off and die” (103). The relationship between Krystal and her mother damaged Krystal’s ability to control herself and stop from engaging in hurtful acts. Since Terri’s parenting failed to teach Krystal how to properly act, Krystal assumed that how she lived her life and communicated with others was acceptable. If Terri taught her daughter how to be proper instead of trying to find ways to get high, Krystal might’ve been able to understand that all her acts were morally wrong. “Krystal had never shot up before, but she had watched it happen many times…The needle slid easily into Krystal’s vein. She pressed…show more content…
Being adopted and having a strained relationship with his parents, forced Fats to question his morals, torment others and engage in inappropriate behaviors. “On the other hand, you had to avoid pretending to be more of an animal than you were…start exaggerating or faking and you become just another Cubby, just as much of a liar, a hypocrite” (pg. 74). Fats had no role model to help guide him in the right direction leading him to engage in questionable acts. “What Fats wants to recover was a kind of innocence, and the route he had chosen back to it was through all the things that were supposed to be bad for you, but which, paradoxically, seemed to Fats to be the one true way to authenticity…” (pg. 76). His moral compass and journey to authenticity appears backwards and reversed to many people. Instead of following correct morals he chooses to go in the opposite direction leaving his moral responsibility towards others behind. “ ‘The great hermaphrodite sits quiet and still’, murmured Fats, his eyes fixed on the back of Sukhvinder’s head. ‘Mustachioed, yet large-mammaried, scientists remain baffled by the contradictions of the hair man-woman’ ” (pg. 120). Instead of speaking kindly to Sukhvinder and treating her with respect, Fats disregards his morals and torments Sukhvinder on a day to day basis. His search to authenticity with a backwards idea on moral responsibility
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