Ku Klux Clan Analysis

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The initiation document of the Ku Klux Clan is confronting in numerous aspects of their beliefs and perspectives on society. Furthermore, it can be examined to build a greater understanding of the American culture in the 19th century. It can be observed throughout the initiation, that the members absolutely view the Caucasian race as a superior social and political race. Progressing into their beliefs that throughout history Caucasians have held more power and will continue to hold autocracy. A strict rudiment of the Ku Klux Clan was to not cohabit with the supposed lesser races to make sure the white blood was preserved. Each of these samples can contribute to a broader understanding of racism and segregation entrenched into the American culture.…show more content…
The Ku Klux Clan likewise believed that Caucasians have consistently held power throughout the world. This can be seen in,’ The experience of ages demonstrates that, from the origin of the world, this dominion has always remained in the hands of the Caucasian Race’. In essence referring to themselves as a more dominant and superior throughout human history. Conjointly apparent in the quote,’ Among those who have thus left on this globe indelible traces of their splendour and greatness, we find none but descended from Caucasian stock’. In considering this extract, it is obvious that The Ku Klux Klan firmly believed that autocracy was to be exclusive to their race and that other races were lesser and therefore should revere them. Amidst these perspectives it is a lengthy process in order to gain social change and progress to a more equal environment. Although social change has occurred, there are still a percentage of the American population that partakes in these views. It conceives it increasingly more difficult to accomplish unabridged views within their society on the concern of racial…show more content…
An obvious view portrayed within the script is that Caucasian’s must hold all authoritative positions within society and further enforce their superiority upon African Americans, guaranteed through the certainty of exclusive Caucasian voting. Another outlook expressed was that throughout history, Caucasians have been a more dominant and distinguished race. Enforcing upon the belief that they must administer positions of power and socially dominant. The value withheld for bearing white blood was viewed as profoundly significant and that it shouldn’t be hindered through conceiving. Further deterring understanding and acceptance of African Americans. Each extract from the initiation document further builds upon the understanding of civil rights and segregation firmly fortified within America. It’s significant in the progression of racial equality within the United States, through studying and deliberating over the document it allows for a consideration of their standpoint. However, it sequentially explains the presence of segregation through the 19th century and conversely today as ascertained through police brutality and social
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