Kumalo Home Analysis

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Stephen Kumalo returns home, where he respects his wife and exhorts her that Absalom will kick the container soon and that Gertrude has fled. He familiarizes his wife with the young woman and the young fellow. The young woman out of the blue impacts into wailing. A couple buddies welcome Kumalo home. It is to a great degree dry in Ixopo; there has been a drought for a month. The women get water from the conduit that begins from the endowment of Jarvis. Kumalo gets some information about Jarvis, and the all inclusive community from the town let him realize that Jarvis returned yesterday, and his wife returned weeks earlier. Kumalo gives his first sermon upon his entry, in which he begs Tixo to give them rain, and speaks to God for the little child, pardon for Gertrude, and for security and welcome for the young woman.…show more content…
After the organization, Kumalo swings to his partner and tells him about Gertrude and Absalom. Kumalo contemplates what kind of man would he have the capacity to be with family, for instance, the one he has, and considers whether he can genuinely stay as pastor. Kumalo educates his buddy concerning the young lady of Sibeko, and how the family does not give it a misgiving, then dreams that distress and continuing are a riddle, as are mindfulness and love. Kumalo tells his friend that he is an evangelist, yet his partner looks at his own particular hands and asks in the matter of whether these are the hands of the
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