Kung Fu Hustle Themes

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Kung Fu Hustle follows the main character, Sing on a dangerous, Kung Fu, and gang filled adventure. Kung Fu Hustle takes place in Canton China. The Axe Gang is the ruler of the town and Sing wants to be a part of the gang. Brother Sum, the leader never has the gang go into Pig Sty Alley because it so poor it became the safe spot. Kung Fu Hustle is a film with themes of gender rivalry and tarantism versus individualism. It also has multiple political influences from China as well as cultural and ethnic influences. Bone, who is Stings friend accompanies him on most of his endeavors. Bone and Sting try and export an abundance of money out of barber but failed. This fatal mistake leads to the Axe Gang coming to Pig Sty Alley to confront them.
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