Kunti And Draupadi's Roles In The Women Of Mahabharata

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Chapter Two: Women of Mahabharata
Women in Mahabharata provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their character. In this great epic the roles of Kunti and Draupadi are the most significant ones, infact their roles made the events of this epic significant.
Kunti was the wife of Pandu and the mother of pandavas. Kunti was the daughter of king Surasena, father of Vasudeva. Kuntibhoja adopted her from her father. Pandavas were the sons of Kunti, we all are aware of this fact as she was the wife of Pandu, so all five sons are also her sons. But Pandu had two wives as discussed earlier he was also married to Madri, second wife of Pandu, in order to gain political success over Madra kingdom. Out of five Pandavas, three were from Kunti, they were Yudhishtra, Arjuna, and Bhima, and Madri gave birth to Nakul and Sahdev. Kunti too had a son before the marriage that show her illicit relationship. Karna was the son of Kunti from the Sun god, and in order to hide her illicit relationship she abandoned him. Kunti’s abandonment of Karna shows the patriarchal aspect of the society. Kunti couldn’t display her illicit relationship, in order to be good in the eyes of society, to save herself from the patriarchal of the society she abandoned her child whereas on the other hand Pandu openly having two wives, especially one was for the political gains. This points out the lack of equality in the society during that time. On the one hand Pandu was free to have sons from two wives but
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