Rn Act 1 Scene 1 Analysis

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5. Jiro launches an attack to Saburo's forces. (Ran,1985) As the attack commences, Saburo's forces, which are less, retreat in the woods. They then start shooting at Jiro's forces, creating many casualties and disrupting the attack. In the middle of the battle, a messenger arrives to Jiro, stating that Ayabe is marching towards the First Castle. Jiro has to retreat in haste. Kurosawa's skill in directing a plethora of actors in the same scene found its apogee in "Ran" and this scene is a distinct example. The troops move harmonically, showing their discipline and the various armies stand apart from each other due to their coloring, that matches the official one of the leaders. As Kurosawa uses almost exclusively long shots, through many static cameras, cutting between them, even the key figures appear irrelevant…show more content…
The final battle (7 Samurai, 1954) In the climax of the film, the samurai fight the bandits, helping the farmers defend their village, while heavy rain is falling. Kurosawa used a plethora of cameras to shoot the scene, and this tactic allowed him to edit the film in the best way possible. The sequence takes place in various places in the village, depicting what is occurring with each of the characters at the same time, with Kurosawa guiding the spectator with the camera moves. The pacing is short and curt in presentation, and along with the jump cuts and the cutting on action demands from the audience full attention, while retaining the agony until the end. When each of the sequences ends, Kurosawa uses wideshots to stress the fact and to release the tension. This becomes particularly visible at the end of the film. Furthermore, the quick cutting and the use of telephoto lens stresses the chaotic and claustrophobic feeling the scene emits. Kurosawa has been hailed as" the world's greatest editor," and his prowess in the field is magnificently displayed in this particular scene, which has been hailed as one of cinema's greatest action

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