Kurt Cobain Revealed: Soaked In Bleach

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On April 8th 1994 the legendary rock star Kurt Cobain was found dead in his house, by an electric employee. It was later ruled that it was a suicide, but the forensic, testimonial, and statistical evidence pointed to something else. He was on too much heroin to function, his soon to be ex wife said things that were very suspicious, and the suicide note might have been a forgery. This could only mean one thing, Kurt Cobain was murdered. A lot of the information that points to Kurt being murdered came from a very important man named Tom Grant. A documentary about Tom’s involvement in the case called Soaked In Bleach brought all of the information that Tom found to light. Tom Grant is a private investigator hired by Courtney after Kurt disappeared when he got out of rehab. Tom recorded all of his phone calls between him and Courtney, so he got a lot of first hand informations and quotes from Love. He caught her saying a lot of suspicious things involving kurt and involving the case. Tom was also the only one to bring up the facts about Kurt’s drug use, the gun being melted, the flaws in the police report, and the suicide note (Soaked In Bleach).Tom bringing up all of this information caused the SPD to consider reopening and further investigating his case. When Kurt’s body was found, he had about 1.52…show more content…
Investigators looked in her hand bag and found a sheet of paper with a lot of the phrases that were on Kurt’s suicide note. There is also more evidence that someone else might have been involved, or the police lied about some of the information. Love told CBS that she had the gun sent to an advocacy group to melt the gun down, but that is not what happened. A couple weeks ago the Seattle Police Department released pictures of the gun that Kurt used to kill himself, and it was not melted down (Fisher). What else could they be covering up about the
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