Kurt Gerstein: A Key Eyewitness To The Most Evil Event In History

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In my opinion, Kurt Gerstein is certainly a man with many underlying contradictions but is still a valuable source for historians as he is a key eyewitness to the most evil event in history. Kurt Gerstein was born on August the 11th 1905 in the German state of Westphalia. He was born into an upper-class, Protestant family. In his youth he was a devout Christian who often clashed with the Nazi Movement. He studied mining engineering and received a degree from the university in Marburg in 1931. As his years progressed he became a highly thought of SS officer who oversaw the largest genocide in human history. However despite his transformation, Gerstein always remained a man with a good conscience and a high moral integrity. The Gerstein Report that he wrote the end of the war is crucial in highlighting the atrocities committed by the Nazis. There are four versions of the Gerstein report. We know he wrote them because they are in his handwriting, are signed by him or their origin can clearly be traced back to Gerstein himself. The first two reports are both in French. The first is handwritten and the second is typed and they are identical. He signed both reports. The third report is in German and contains more information. Whilst the report is not signed we know it is authentic because Gerstein told his wife that he was leaving it at the hotel desk where it was later found. A final report in French is incomplete and the reasons for Gerstein stopping writing are unknown.

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