Kurt Vonnegut Criticism

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Kurt Vonnegut, wrote the famous novel Slaughterhouse- Five, which resulted in negative criticism of his work. Personal Life Kurt Vonnegut was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 11, 1922. Growing up during the Great Depression had a big effect on his childhood. His father was not around very much so his mother tried to find small jobs to help make money for the family. One of them was taking writing lessons so she could make short stories and hopefully sell them.. In 1943, Vonnegut enrolled in the U.S. army. While coming home,on leave for Mothers Day, his mom committed suicide by overdosing. This had a big effect on his life and his writing. While fighting in Germany, him and other soldiers were taken as prisoners of war in 1944. Vonnegut was taken to a city called Dresden and was forced to work in a factory with the other prisoners. On February 13, 1945, the Allies started bombing the city until there was nothing left. Vonnegut and a few other prisoners hid in an underground meatlocker all night and didn’t come out until the next day. The Germans that survived the bombing made the surviving prisoners dig the corpses out of the ruined city. Within a few months after the bombing, Vonnegut was freed when the Russians took control of Dresden. Once Vonnegut was back home, he married his high school girlfriend and moved to New York City. There, he got a job at General Electric Research Laboratory and was paid to write. He wrote his stories he got paid

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