Equality Kurt Vonnegut Summary

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Kurt Vonnegut, Jr wrote about the forced of equality, and its dangers to society. If the entire world just one day became equal, you may first find it a good change, because finally no more competition between citizens, but after some time you would realize how dangerous it could be. Being unequal from everyone else brings a lot of conflicts, but it 's worth it because that´s what makes us unique, special, and different. In the story it showed how Harrison revealed his anger to society about their choice to make everyone he same, he told the people to take their handicaps off, so they could finally get rid of this equality. For me if you actually think the story throgh, it has a good message. A message that shows us that we are special, and…show more content…
Maybe you feel useless sometimes, but when you think about it there is many people who wouldn 't survive a minute without you, that 's why I love the fact that we are all different, and unique. Another good thing of being unsimilar may be our opinions, for example we all have different opinions on various stuff, and different perspectives on them, we may all read the same book but we could of understand the moral in a distinct way. "Normal is the absence of individuality." I can 't remember who said it exactly, but those words are really important to me, wherever I go those words go with…show more content…
Writing about this helped me learn multiple stuff, I think that this bunch of information I just learned today may someday help me in the future. When I reread this essay and I see all the information Ive written down it honestly makes me think of how important it is to respect yourself, Ive noticed this when I talked about how important it is to be different. I undoubtelly enjoyed reading Harrison Bergeron, because it woken up my perspectives on how good individuality can be, and that it 's okey to be
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