Kurt Vonnegut Slaughter House Five Analysis

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The literary canon is famous for assembling a debate around literary scholars. The likelihood that scholars will unanimously agree to a definite canon list of pieces of works is unfeasible, and the method by which the pieces of works are nominated for admittance into the canon is not popular among the literary scholars. When in actuality, only those that have the particular jurisdiction to determine which literary works advocates the topics of review that preserve the capability of the canons. This includes the literary critics, editors, publishers and educators. Despite the fact that the canon may be a trifling matter that uses the individual’s personal feelings or opinions, those who have the authority to nominate such literary works initially…show more content…
Because his novel does not follow any real structure, the novel shows the view point of Billy Pilgrim travelling in time and revisiting different points throughout his life. And in doing so, Slaughter-house Five does not show said events in chronological order. Vonnegut’s novel has been tried in many occasions to be censored by schools by giving reasons that the content and portrayal of sex is vulgar and a work that should not be studied in public schools but have all failed for the reason that a work cannot be banned simply because the system dislikes the work that they created. Adding Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughter-house Five would be a work that could be studied on topics such as free will, fate, war, and the allusions such as the history of World War II, the Vietnam War and the civil rights protests that Vonnegut portrayed in the novel. Just as many have been able to study Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird which was published in 1960 is only nine years older than Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughter-house Five and the notable difference in writing is seen in both novels. Harper Lee’s novel has been criticized for racism while Kurt Vonnegut’s was criticized for having vulgar depictions of sex. By adding Vonnegut’s novel into the literary canon, it does seem like it can be part of the canon even though the novel has only been published for forty-eight years, it has the potential of being explored and studied in great detail. With the imaginary alien race, he made as well as the faith and concepts that this race had is enough to start going further into his world and exploring his work and in the end adding his work into the literary
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