Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast Of Champions Summary

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Kilgore Trout goes to the Midland City. On the way to the Midland City, Kurt Vonnegut takes on the history and practices of American culture in an attempt to destroy those narratives that dehumanize and damage life on this planet. Vonnegut focuses on the narrative and blames the shameful practices of the American culture, and shows how the history of America is narrated in a voice that is childlike in its directness and honesty. Kurt Vonnegut dismantles the notion that any of this has led to democracy.
The undispable flag was a beauty, and the anthem and the vacant motto might not have mattered much, if it weren’t for this: a lot of citizens were so ignored and cheated and insulted that they thought they might be in the wrong country, or
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In fact, Breakfast of Champions is about the righteous lament over the abuse of the land and its people, over the sacrifices. Efforts are made to build an economic machine which may consume the earth and all it sustains. Two events show the destruction of planet. The first is the atomic bomb blast in Nagasaki, Japan. Another event is two physicians Ukwende, of Nigeria and Khashdrahr Miasma an infant from Bangladesh on the disaster vehicle named Martha Cyprian. Both the incidents are mentioned in Trout book, Now It can be Told. At last, Trout asks his father, “Make me young, make me young, make me young!”…show more content…
But what these people fail to grasp is Kurt Vonnegut’s real intention. He tries to subvert practices such as pornography that dehumanize (254). Kurt Vonnegut deliberately uses flat, objective language like a social scientist. Pornography destroys the beauty of the human spirit. Kurt Vonnegut rediscovers new ideas in the paintings of Karabekian. The narrator’s personal role in Breakfast of Champions is followed in the novel Slaughterhouse-Five too and it is an extension and elaboration of the novel. Vonnegut’s unusual treatment of the material also has a profound influence upon him and has given the freedom for the comment about himself both as a man and as an artist. In Breakfast of Champions he explains how the real human being including the reader himself, is placed on Earth among the millions of machines. He worries if such an incident is viewed by the Creator of the Universe how would he
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