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Does equality bring happiness and make lives easier in society? One may think so because the idea of everyone being equal is actually desirable by society. That’s just a general aspect of it though, but deeply thinking about how life would be when everyone is equal would actually make people think twice about everyone being equal. Everyone being equal means no type of competition, no sense of drive from anyone and simply no motivation. Everybody finally being equal means everybody being average. If there is no competition in life and everybody is equal then life would be considered boring and there would be no sense of fun for anyone in society. Kurt Vonnegut shows the only way everybody can be equal in society can be if non average people…show more content…
Vonnegut uses this as a satire because he tries to show readers how absurd the idea of everybody being equal actually is. The mental handicap radio that was in George’s ear is to ensure that he can’t think beyond an average level. This is constrained by a loud voice that is stimulated in his ear about every twenty seconds to ensure that he doesn’t think more than he legally can. The mental handicap or transmitter is there to interrupt their thoughts and memory, so they are not able to complete a thought, learn more, or nurture intellectually. Also, average is considered so that people cannot think about anything more than in short term. Vonnegut is using sci-fi to satirize the idea of America being perfect, when in reality it’s far from perfect. America is in denial about it being an imperfect nation. In addition, Mumia Abu-Jamal’s essay, Star Wars And The American Imagination satirizes America being in denial for the perfect nation supports Vonnegut’s critique of the American government. Abu-Jamal too shows readers how America is in fact not a perfect nation, but that’s not what America wants people to see. Abu-Jamal shows readers the alternative realities theme when he

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