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In Kurt Wisenfeld’s article called Making the Grade, he talks about the importance of judging or grading a student’s work by performance rather than judging or giving them the grade by the student’s effort or potential. In the article written by Carolyn Foster Segal called The Dog Ate My Disk, and other Tales of Woe, she writes about the many excuses students have to tell her when they cannot meet a deadline for one of her assignments. Both of the authors are professors in a college, so both have had many experience with students their many excuses.
The problem with a lot of students in college is that they do not take advantage of the knowledge they can take from the classes they take. Some do not take their classes seriously, and they have a mindset that they are just there because they have to be there. (I do not know how to explain that better). But I think it’s very important that a student studies hard and he or she should not make excuses when they do not get their work turned in on time. There is a due date for a reason! We are in college, we should not be coming up with lame excuses and giving our professors hard times.
In the article Making the Grade, Wisenfeld talks about students who beg him to have a grade changed after a semester is finished. I do not think it is right for the student to be doing this.
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I think it’s ridiculous for a student to make such excuses! It made me angry when I read that some student’s lie about a relative’s death so that they can get excused from an assignment, how could somebody do that!? And who would want that irresponsible student to work for them after they graduate, or if they graduate from college. She explained so many different excuses in the article and I was actually entertained reading them. Why continue to attend college if you are never able to turn in work on
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