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In The Crossover by Kwame Alexander, Basketball Rules are a very important part. All together, they are a metaphor for life. There are three that stand out most to me. Basketball Rules 5, 7, and 8 are the three that I can compare to my life. Basketball Rule 5 says: When you've stopped playing your game, you've already lost. Basketball Rule 7 says: Rebounding is the art of anticipating, of always be prepared to grab it. But don't drop the ball. Finally, Basketball Rule 8 says: Sometimes you have to lean back a little and fade away to get the best shot. As you can probably see, these 3 rules go along with each other, and things that happen in your life. They also go along with the three major themes, life and death, family, and working hard. Also, Kwame Alexander used many similes and metaphors, along with the Basketball Rules being a metaphor.

The fifth Basketball Rule in The Crossover says: When you've stopped playing your game, you've already lost. This is about not giving up. If you are a volleyball player and you lose all of the time, you are not going to ever win if you quit. In life, you must always try to get better and never quit. If you are in chorus and you don't understand a song, you never will understand it if you decide to quit. Sometimes you just have to realize that you must keep
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But don't drop the ball. Life throws some hard things at you. In the book, the boys had to be ready to "catch the ball" when their dad died. When you are at school or work and you have something troubling thrown at you, you have to be ready to "catch the ball". When my my friends are rude to me, I have to be ready to "catch the ball" and respond in a good way. I cannot "drop the ball" and say something rude or dramatic. The theme of the book, which I believe is life and death, goes along with this because Josh and JB had to "catch the ball" of their dads
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