Kwame Anthony Appiah's Argument Analysis

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Kwame Anthony Appiah Argument The answer to the globalization pandemic is cosmopolitanism. Globalization is described as being negative according to Kwame Anthony Appiah it’s a one-way thinking or a one-way frame of mind. We are responsible for ourselves and things should be done on our individual terms. An example he gives is “I want you to be my brother on my terms.” (Taylor, 2009, p. 92) Which is correct with culture today considering we are only friends when it is convenient to us to be friends. We all have a “fundamental responsibility to everybody that must be met whenever we can but there is lacking cultural relativism.” (Taylor, 2009, p. 92-95) Cosmopolitanism, where “we’re responsible collectively for each other as citizens.” (Taylor,…show more content…
Which is the point of an argument to persuade the reader to think about their stand point on the argument and whether or not their views need to change. A great example in this argument is his closing statement, “We have to figure out how to live in a word in which our responsibilities are, not to just a hundred people… whom we can affect only in indirect ways. That is, I think, the great challenge.” (Taylor, 2009, p. 113) Opposition in an Academic Argument The purpose of addressing the opposition in the argument for Kwame Anthony Appiah was to provoke the reader’s emotions, morals, and values. That’s the whole point of this argument to have the readers see more on the cosmopolitanism side versus the globalization side. The speaker Kwame Anthony Appiah I feel handled the opposing views by demonstrating his critical thinking skills. By setting the argument up as a question and answer Appiah gave room for he himself to touch on the opposing argument but would be able to use his critical thinking skills and turn the answer around in favor of his argument. Which also gave opportunity for new ideas that potentially were not originally to be discussed in his argument. Because when you are using critical thinking you can then change your answer to suit whatever situation you are
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