Kwame Nkrumah Towards Colonial Freedom Summary

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Kwame Nkrumah is known as a Ghanaian revolutionary. He was a politician, author, leader, and the first prime minister and president of Ghana, leading it to independence from Britain in 1957. He had a vision of how Africa could be united and work against imperialism while achieving a common goal of colonial freedom. In Towards Colonial Freedom, he delves straight into the topic of colonialism and how it affected Africa and his perception of African unity. Nkrumah starts off in his foreword discussing his experience as a student in the United States of America and how witnessing the “ruthless colonial exploitation and political oppression of the people of Africa” affected him. He wrote that he knew “no peace.” He was moved to the point that he documented his thoughts in writing and expanded on the findings of his research of colonialism and imperialism. However, since he was busy with his studies at the time, he wasn’t really able to dedicate time to the subject until he arrived in London in 1945 where he came face-to-face with the matter of colonial rule He writes that he was experiencing firsthand “the determination of student bodies fighting and agitating for colonial freedom in the very heart of a country that possessed a vast colonial empire.” This is what gave him the final push to create this work. Twenty years later, he notes that his views are the same as they were back then. The only subject matter…show more content…
Nkrumah hoped that his book would at the least serve as a guide to students who are a part of the “Colonial Question” in addition to “serve to emphasize the over-riding importance of freedom and independence not only for people everywhere who are still under the colonial yoke, but also for those who are becoming the puppets of
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