Summary Of Kyle Swanson's Kill Zone

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Kyle Swanson is the chief protagonist in the Kyle Swanson series of novels by the American writer Jack Coughlin. Coughlin published the first novel in the series Kill Zone in 2007 before he went on to publish several more titles in the still ongoing detective thriller series.

Gunnery sergeant Kyle Swanson is an elite marine sniper who is a member of a special operations team facing up to intrigue and betrayal in the modern day battlefield. Swanson is a Bob Lee Swagger type of character though he has served in Somalia rather than Vietnam. Having served in Special Operations he has the skillset to track, investigate, and unravel the plots of dangerous conspirators, terrorists and all manner of crooks working against the United States or its Western allies.

The first novel in the series Kill Zone begins the story of Kyle Swanson who gets a call to go on a top-secret rescue mission of a high-ranking American general while he is on vacation in the Mediterranean. Middle Eastern terrorists are holding the general in an undisclosed location and threatening to behead him. As Kyle and his fellow Marine prepare for landing in the Syrian Desert, they crash with Swanson the only man to emerge alive form the wreckage to realize that they had been set up for an ambush. Just who had leaked the information
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Swanson is arrested and imprisoned while his girlfriend is accused of being a spy. The only person they could have hoped would get them out of their predicament is Jim Hall who used to be Swanson’s mentor and Laurens former lover and boss. However, the man has gone rogue and is selling American secrets to the enemy and looking to finish them off. What follows is a game of chicken as Kyle and Hall stalk each other from the Bavarian Alps to the streets of
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