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Most people think Kylie Jenner makes a living out of modeling and pouting her lips alone. In fact, Kylie Jenner is a successful millenial entrepreneur. Because her family is the most followed name, stemming from “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” everyone has to make sure their head is held high and pretty. Which is why this 18 year old created an empire with her lips.

Her pout now carries the Kylie Cosmetics brand and, according to Career Girl, her lips kits are so coveted that they sell out within minutes.

If you’re looking to jumpstart a career in cosmetics or start up a business, you can definitely learn from this millenial icon. Adweek interviewed Kylie Jenner and was able to gather some tips that everyone can use in order to be a successful entrepreneur and career professional.

On choosing brand partnerships - She just doesn’t pick a successful brand. She makes sure that she is passionate about it and it fits her Kylie Jenner persona. The brand’s …show more content…

Kylie plans to stay in business for a long time. Career Girl explains that she isn’t just capitalizing on something that came along and landed in her lap. She has set her goals and knows where she wants to be in the long run.

Be hands-on - She visits the factory regularly, taking on a proactive role in the business.

On product management and customer demand - Her lip products gets sold out the minute they’re available. She makes sure that it’s always available even though making the product exclusive or less available will put her products in demand. “We only keep making more and more every single week and it sells out faster and faster. Literally, I pray that it lasts more than 15 minutes every single time. I want people who just feel like buying a kit to be able to go online and buy it,” she explains.

Put Kylie Jenner’s entrepreneurial and business tips to the test and tell us how it worked for you, in the comments

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