Kylo Ren: A Case Study: Ben Organa-Solo

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Kylo Ren: A Case Study
Linette C. Secoff
La Sierra University Kylo Ren: A case study Introduction The fictional character chosen for the conducted case study is Ben Organa-Solo, who goes by the name Kylo Ren from the newest Star Wars trilogy. He is a thirty year-old male Commander of the First Order, following the example of his grandfather Darth Vader. Patient needs a diagnosed for an explanation for his acts of murder, genocide, violence, kidnapping, manipulation, and destruction of property. He possesses being narcissistic to having depression and trauma from his childhood. He was almost killed as a teen, his parents sent him away, he always felt different, and many were intimidated by him; therefore, causing him to feel excluded, no one really gave him a chance to talk or vent about his emotions. Ben Organa-Solo is the son of war heroes Captain Han Solo and Princess-General Leia Organa, also the commanding general of the Resistance. Ben also has an uncle, Luke Skywalker, the last remaining Jedi warrior. Uncle Luke trained young Ben in the ways of the Force. His mother believed that it would be best to go trained along side his Uncle Luke, but this was unwise since it was during his teen years and it was the time that he was most vulnerable to influences of the dark side. Also, his Uncle felt his negativity coming along strong and decided that the best choice was to kill his own nephew while he is still in training and not powerful enough to cause any more
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