L. A Confidential Character Analysis

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Character Arcs in L.A Confidential The character arcs in L.A Confidential not only impact the character greatly, but also impact the audience. Almost every character has some sort of arc throughout the film. These character arcs are often when the character realizes what's right from wrong, or when something traumatizing happens to the specific character. Russell Crowes character is a great example of this as he shows a much darker side of himself. The chief, Dudley, also has a character arc of the same nastiness, except stays that way. Russell Crowe plays a somewhat respectable cop who will do whatever it takes for justice, even if he has to show his darker side. “Bud” White is a younger cop, who we find out hates wife beaters, and will do anything to see…show more content…
Exley starts out as a regular cop, with smarts when it comes to politics. He believes strictly in the judicial law, and justice. Exley’s character arc is for the better, considering it saved bud’s life, and Dudley, the antagonist, is killed. Exley realizes that you have to do some things to save the lives of others, and avenge Jack Vincennes death. Jack Vincennes has quite a unique character arc, considering the way we are introduced to him as already a dirty cop. Vincennes is borderline though, more in it for the fame then the money. When Jack gets demoted, he begins to take his career seriously and teams up with Exley throughout the film. They both help each other with the others cases, and begin to understand each other. Vincennes character arc begins with the death of a movie star, realizing how corrupt the police department may be. When Vincennes is the closest he has ever been to solving an actual case, he is shot by the corrupt Dudley. This furthers the story and greatly affects the audience, because the audience wanted Vincennes to
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