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In the year 1971 the now known as Starbucks is opened for the very first time. It is a coffee company that was originally found in the US located in the heart of Seattle. Herman Melville’s Moby dick inspired the name and logo for Starbucks. Starbucks company grows in a very fast paced, the first Starbucks opened in The United Kingdom and then it opened in other countries like America, Asia, Europe, making them have about 24,000 outlets all over the world. Until now it has become the most booming coffee company worldwide because of its signature coffee taste. Not only because of their coffee, the locations and design of the place has set out a different kind of vibe. Starbucks is designed for everyone with all interest either to meet colleagues, relaxing, or even for studying thats why this Starbucks is located nearly to a
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The conclusion is first Starbucks should avoid any conflict with the government because the goverment have the power to change or make new regulations that might affecting starbucks business. It could be the government united states deprive permission starbucks to operate, because Starbucks have to obey the law whereby build the company.

Secondly, Starbucks have to consider the price not too expensive than competitors because it could affect to a buyer that shift to buy coffee in other brands. Starbucks can use by means of coupons free or such as giving discounts on the day that could attract buyers. Starbucks is a company that are very well known so easy to attract customers.

Third, Starbucks should further improve its technological progress and expand its stores as the future of starbucks sales will increase let alone the united states of the people who depend on coffee if not overcome from now on there can be a buildup of customers who can make people lazy to buy at starbucks and move to another

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