L-Glutamic Acid Lab Report

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Assignment 3: Synthesis and Characterisation of L-glutamic acid: Procedure: 1) Approximately 4.40g of L-glutamic acid was added to 0.1L of water. The solute was dissolved completely using a sonic bath. The solution was placed in a thermostatic bath at 80°C and left for 30minutes. 2) After this period of time, the solution was removed and equally distributed into three boiling tubes labelled A,B&C. 3) Then, the boiling tubes were left in a water bath at 45°C. After 5minutes, the boiling tub, labelled A, was withdrawn from the water bath. 4) The sample was filtered using a Buchner funnel, collected in a sample vile, labelled A, and positioned securely to dry and crystallise in an oven at 65°C. 5) After 45minutes, the boiling tube, labelled…show more content…
Its function is to help nerve cells pick up and send information from other cells. The L-Glu is a polymorphic compound which means it exists in different crystal forms. This alters the molecules chemical and physical properties such as its melting point, solubility, etc. which can modify its stability. Their different molecular conformations give them different. inter-molecular packing. These forms are created by controlling the crystallisation supersaturation. The α form is less stable than the β form because α amino groups are directed towards the crystals surface while the carboxyl remains below. From theory the α The longer the β crystal is allowed grow in solution at a high temperature the more stable it becomes due to its changing lattice. Thus, creating large crystals of the metastable α form is more challenging, because you need to prevent the transformation of the most stable β polymorph while providing enough time for growth. These crystal forms can be used to produce a free form structure which is used as a major flavour enhancing additive, MSG. Too much of this additive results in Chinese restaurant syndrome, which causes numbness at the back of the neck. However, this hasn’t been experimentally proven

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