L. M.: Case Study

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Context. L.M. considers her ethnicity and race to be Caucasian American and J.M.’s ethnicity and race to be Black American. L.M. was born in Minnesota and J.M. was born in Maryland. L.M. believes herself to be in the working class and has concerns with making it from paycheck to paycheck, she struggles to keep any money in savings. She is not currently receiving very much assistance from her son’s father and he is currently accruing back child support.
L.M. affiliates herself with Christian beliefs, she attends church regularly and describes her faith as a “saving grace through very trying times.” Both family members seek and are treated with Western medicine practices and they are both currently free of any diseases and/or ailments. L.M. describes health and wellness as “free from disease and good overall physical and mental wellbeing.” She also believes that to be truly well one must have faith in God and attend church regularly.
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They have easy access to grocery stores, the clinic/hospital and L.M. lives within a mile of her work. Previously they lived in Maryland, but L.M. wanted to be closer to family for support and help after she had her son. Stress is moderate high in the home in regard to income, bills, and being able to purchase necessities. L.M. often worries about money but says she turns to her faith and prayer to help comfort her and guide her.
Developmental Assessment
Developmental assessment looks at the family’s life cycle stage and developmental path which is influenced by the family’s past and present experiences and by their future aspirations (Wright & Leahley,
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