L. V Berkner High School Strengths And Weaknesses

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I am Jimmy Nguyen, a graduate from the S.T.E.M(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program of L.V Berkner High School. Unlike the classmates in the class, I am the type of person that will work hard in order to achieve a goal that would eventually help me hit my milestone. My strengths are being able to work with classmates, fighting back procrastination, and hardworking. My weaknesses are time management, being organized, and prioritizing. It is required to have at least double the amount of time I am in class, so for this class I am required to have at least four hours of study time outside of class. I am currently single and have not raised a family myself yet. My hobbies are playing videogames, reading, soccer, and travelling. I work at a retail store located in Plano, TX. On a typical week I usually work around twenty-eight hours. Yes, I had a study schedule from the start because I’d rather be more focused on school than working.…show more content…
This is currently my first year enrolling in Richland College, but the experience is just the beginning. The earliest memory of reading was all the syllabus that each class had before school started. I chose to be in college because I’m striving for a better future, instead of working at a retail store and less pay for all the work I’ve contributed. Being an expert reader can help me out in the long run because it helps me with comprehension and critical thinking when I encounter a real world problem. Now getting in idea of what we are doing in class, I think you are doing just fine helping me prepare for what is ahead of me and I greatly appreciate that. I want to major in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. I am planning to finish my basics here at Richland in two years then transfer to the university to finish off my designated
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