L1 Pragmatic Transfer In English

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constitutes the appropriate linguistic behavior. In other words, these affective variables will determine the success of second language learning. Being exposed to realistic L2 communication is believed to enhance learners' pragmatic competence. Moreover, L2 pragmatic competence requires learners to go beyond the explicit information; therefore this has a critical role in development of learners' abilities in producing or interpreting L2 pragmatic forms. This development of L2 pragmatics can utilize learners effectively to enable them to adapt more native-like proficiency. 2.3. Comparison of findings with previous literature studies The findings confirmed Saudi learners of English do rely on L1 pragmatics in L2 communication and corroborated…show more content…
Understanding the relationship between L1 transfer and L2 proficiency will help improve the Saudi students’ pragmatics production, comprehension, and develop L2 communication with native speakers of English. Additionally, successful language learning develops beyond linguistic proficiency, it is revealed in the communicative performance of the learner. This paper investigates the effect of L1 pragmatic transfer on the acquisition of L2 by Saudi speakers of English in two groups of high and low proficiency levels. Consequently, a multiple-choice questionnaire was designed to examine the pragmatic awareness of various speech acts. The findings indicated a negative correlation between L1 pragmatic transfer and L2…show more content…
Firstly, replacing the instrument of the multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) with discourse completion task (DCT) can be more effective in measuring L1 pragmatic transfer level, however, beginners might face a difficulty in word choice which will affect the overall result, they will not be able to articulate or specify what might be said. Therefore, researchers might achieve more precise findings by changing the type of instrument and replacing the sample of the beginners group with higher level of English Language proficiency. Secondly, due to the short period of time, language proficiency test was compromised by choosing a sample of a population that is already required to have higher English language proficiency; however, there are different sub levels of proficiency even within the advanced criteria. Moreover, although language proficiency test is hard to conduct and time consuming, yet, it is more efficient to have an exact score for each participant in order to asses L2 skill precisely instead of assuming their proficiency level in a certain Language

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