LEALES Retention Counselors

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The LEALES program consists of 2 full-time staff members, 1 part-time staff member, and 2 part-time student assistants. The full-time staff members include the LEALES Program Coordinator and one Retention Counselors; the part-time staff member is also a Retention Counselor. The program-coordinator is in charge of writing grants for outside funding for the LEALES programs and manages the program. The Retention Counselors are academic counselors available to the LEALES members (mentees and mentors), they also help arrange the weekly classes, and meet each LEALES mentor at least once a quarter. The will meet with students more often if needed. The 2 part-time student assistants help the staff members by assisting with clerical work. Training and professional development opportunities are provided for the 2 full-time staff members in order to allow the continued improvement, development, and general growth of the LEALES program. The vast majority of budget is taken up by the scholarships which are made available to LEALES members, both mentors and mentees. Each member receives $500 a quarter by enrolling in the program and meeting the attendance, participation,…show more content…
During that time students are introduced to various organizations and staff members. The program offers fee waivers for students wanting to participate in the program which take care of housing and meal costs for the week. The cost per student is $300 with up to 80 new students participating for a total cost of $30,000. Additionally, $600 has been allocated for summer program materials. Finally, the budget also takes into account materials and expenses for the year round program. These expenses include materials for quarterly workshops and classes ($1,200), team building ($800), test supplies ($500), paper ($300), and culmination ceremony ($400). All together the budget for the entire program for the year is
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