LEGE 3 Act 1 'VIKING AGE, Alfred'

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SHERMAN: Mr Peabody, when are we?
I look so dirty, bloody and brutal.
MR PEABODY: That’s because we are travelling through the Viking age Sherman, during the 800-1066.
SHERMAN: Oh, please tell me more about it Mr Peabody.
(Walks over to a group of Vikings and wears a helmet and a sword.
Mr PEABODY: (Follows Sherman and introduces himself and his son to the group of Vikings)
Well, I would like to introduce myself, Mr. Peabody and this is my son, Sherman.
Viking- Alfred: A dog adopting a human! I may be going crazy or what!?
Mr PEABODY: Well, as you would see, I have many qualifications to adopt a human and Sherman is my son. (Faces Sherman- fighting with a group of Vikings)
Mr PEABODY: Sherman! Don’t run away like that! You could get killed by these Vikings!
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(Shows a group of Vikings writing poems and painting)
Vikings were not only feared as fierce and ruthless pirates, but depicted many talents with poems, lawmakers and great artists.
(The monks- frightened away by the Vikings)
(Mr Peabody showing that the Vikings- worshipped own gods)
After time, converted into Christianity and rebuilt the churches that had once been burnt down.
SHERMAN: (Creates a poem about Vikings and shares it with MR PEABODY during a scene)
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
The Vikings are happy.
Since Alfred beat you.
MR PEABODY: Oh Sherman, you certainly have learnt a lot about the Vikings. I think it’s now time to go before you get yourself into even more
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