EESH Strategy: Energy, Environment, Safety, Health

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PROGRAMMES AND POLICIES EESH Strategy – Energy, Environment, Safety, Health LG electronics seeks to achieve the position of Top Company in the area of EESH through corporate wide actions. The major interventions it seeks to focus on are the following. • EESH Management system • Energy efficiency • Eco-friendly manufacturing processes • Product development • Improving safety and health conditions of employees at site A quoted from their EESH Policy Statement as undertaken by the CEO, the company’s effort to comply with EESH Management principles will be based on the following. 1. Considering the impact on stakeholders and society as the top-priority in decision making 2. Complying with EESH laws/ regulations at national/regional levels with…show more content…
Enabling employee participation in EESH management system by recognising their role, and encourage their voluntary participation in activities relating to energy consumption reduction, resource saving and recycling, risk identification and elimination, individual health improvement and so on. 6. Performance evaluation relating to environment, energy, climate change, safety, product and environmental health 7. Serving environment conservation and contribution activity to society through co-operation with local community, as part of fulfilling social responsibility. LG Electronics’ Environmental Product Policy LG Electronics is committed to providing a better experience for its customers, by contributing to environmental protection efforts, and offering green values. We, at LG Electronics, will: 1) Comply with international conventions, standards, and local laws associated with the environment and engage in voluntary activities to improve the environment. 2) Develop and implement a system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, measure and improve the performance of this system, and always make the results available to the public. 3) Identify and meet the needs of green consumers, by promoting the sustainability of our products and stimulating the consumption of greener
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