LGBT Representation In Video Games Essay

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The plea for better LGBT representation in video games is not for video games to be “queered” but rather for the industry to recognize the place and problems surrounding gender representation in video games (Shaw, 2009). But since there is an evident lack of representation of the LGBT community in video games, there were also very few positive references to homosexuality. In a sense, this shows the oppression of the LGBT characters in video games. The characters tend to be boxed in the idea that they cannot be the “lead” and are always the subsidiary, or worse, the opponent characters in video games. For instance, if a homosexual male avatar is present in a video game, he is usually portrayed as flamboyant, feminine, and unable to fend for himself (Vitali, 2010).
At present, there are increasing cases of gamers easily using words like “fag” and “gay” in online gaming spaces negatively, which pronounces their homophobia directly and indirectly. These words relating to actual gender preferences of some are being used towards gamers or even things that may or may not actually refer to themselves as members of the third sex as insults or derogatory words.

Game Studies (Ludology)

The year 2001 marks the beginning of critical research endeavor on computer game studies (Aarseth, as cited by Jones, 2008). Ludology, the term used to refer to the field of computer game studies, arose in the first
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Some gender studies are done on the gaming industry itself such as studies on the concepts of gender studies in video games (Marcus, 2005; Heck, 2011; Richard, 2013), the effects of gaming to the gamers (Youngblood, 2012), and the gender of the gamers (MacCallum and Stewart, 2008; Jenson, 2010). There were also gender studies about the specific characters in the games. Some focus on all the genders (Albretchslund, 2007) while some center on the female characters of the games (Schroder, 2008; Jenson & de Castell,

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