LGBT Rights In The LGBT Community

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The LGBT community has made progress towards gaining more rights in recent years, although it has been an uphill battle. In the past year alone Australia, Malta, and Germany have legalized gay marriage, with the legalization of gay marriage in the U.S. in 2015 also being a resounding success. In addition, LGBT rights have also become a greater discussion topic in households, radio shows, and broadcasts around the world. In spite of this progress, LGBT individuals and their allies still struggle for the basic human rights they deserve.
Discrimination feels like a relic of the past--something Americans struggled against and that the United States outlawed in the 1960s. But this was not the case for LGBT individuals. Today, in America, land of the free and the home of the brave, a lesbian can be fired simply for being gay. A gay couple can be refused a wedding cake for the most important day in their life. A gay couple could be refused their right to adopt a child. Much of this discrimination is chalked up to a concept called “religious freedom.” Religious freedom is the right to deny service based on the idea that it conflicts with the business owner’s religious beliefs, and has been used most recently to defend discrimination against LGBT people. Nevertheless, the world has heard this argument plenty of times before. According to the LA Times, “1960s...a small chain of barbecue restaurants in South Carolina, said that its owner’s freedom of religion would be violated if it
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